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Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions

Incident Reporting

What incidents need to be reported to Risk Management?

An unplanned event, accident, or occurrence which results in a loss to BYU should be promptly reported to Risk Management. This includes injuries to persons within the context of a BYU program, event, or employment, as well as damage to or loss of BYU property. This also includes observed safety hazards or “near misses” that could result in harm to a person or property if left unaddressed.

To report an emergency situation requiring immediate response, please contact BYU Police by dialing 911.

To report situations involving unethical or otherwise inappropriate behavior by employees or students in violation of BYU policies, contact the BYU Compliance Hotline.

When should I report an incident to Risk Management?

As soon as possible and generally within 24 hours. Prompt reporting enables Risk Management to gather information while it is fresh and to make appropriate decisions on how to best respond and remediate hazards. In some cases (for example, work related injuries and illnesses), the law requires BYU to report incidents to governmental agencies within a set deadline. Risk Management relies on the entire BYU community to report incidents promptly so that BYU can in turn fulfill its legal reporting obligations.

How should incidents be reported to Risk Management?

Incidents should generally be reported online at by completing the appropriate form. Reporting incidents in this manner ensures that relevant information is transmitted to those within Risk Management with a need to know and a responsibility to act. When it is not possible to report incidents through the online forms, individuals may report them by calling (801) 422-4468 or (801) 422-5150, or by emailing or

For urgent situations requiring Risk Management assistance outside of normal business hours, contact BYU’s Police Dispatch Center by calling (801) 422-2222.


Who do I contact to discuss a potential claim for compensation due to injury or property damage?

General claims related inquiries may be directed to the BYU Claims Manager at (801) 422-1203.

For workers’ compensation matters, inquiries should be directed first to the assigned claims adjuster with Sedgwick Claims Management Services. If you do not know the identity of the assigned claims adjuster, you may contact the Church Workers’ Compensation Manager at (801) 240-3669 or the BYU Claims Manager at (801) 422-1203.

Workers’ Compensation

Where can I learn more about the workers’ compensation process, or my rights and obligations as a BYU employee or supervisor?

Check out the Workers’ Compensation page, which includes links for reporting work-related injuries or illness, FAQs, corrective actions, and more.


Am I covered by an insurance policy when participating in a university sponsored program or event?

Risk Management manages the insurance portfolio of the university and collaborates closely with the Risk Management Division of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Whether there is insurance coverage for a particular program or event depends on a variety of circumstances. Please contact the BYU Risk and Insurance Manager at (801) 422-2797.

For more information on BYU’s insurance coverage, check out the Insurance page, which includes links for insurance-related FAQs, proof of insurance requests, and more.

Minor Protection

What policies or processes does BYU have to protect children involved in university programs or events?

BYU’s Minor Protection Policy outlines the university’s commitment to, and process for, promoting a safe environment for children. The Policy establishes requirements for reporting child abuse and an approval process for adults who interact with children. To learn more about what BYU is doing to protect children, please see the Minor Protection website.

Special Event Approvals

I want to organize a special event or activity on or off BYU campus. Who can I talk to about getting Risk Management to review and approve it?

Check out the Event Approval Request page or reach out to a Risk Analyst at (801) 422-3397 to discuss the special event.


Am I allowed to fly my drone on BYU property?

BYU prohibits hobby or recreational flights on or over BYU property, but it may approve flights for bona fide educational or business needs. Prior approval for such flights must be obtained from Risk Management. Please see the Unmanned Aircraft System Permit page for additional information.

Personal Vehicle Use on University Business

Can I use a personal vehicle to travel on university business?

BYU discourages the use of personal vehicles for university business travel. Travelers electing to drive or ride in personal vehicles for university business travel outside the local area should sign an assumption of risk and release agreement, available from Risk Management, for each separate trip. Please see here for more information and for a link to the assumption of risk and release agreement.