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BYU Risk Management and Safety (RMS) manages the insurance portfolio of the university, which includes a variety of insurance policies and bonds, including no-fault accident, general and professional liability, property, commercial and contract surety, etc. RMS also coordinates with the Church Risk Management Division (CRMD) on other insurance coverages that extend to the Church Educational System schools (BYU, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, and Ensign College), including commercial general liability, commercial auto, property, and workers’ compensation insurance (or self-insurance). Before purchasing any department- or program-specific or university-wide insurance, or if you have any questions about the insurance coverages in place, please communicate with RMS.

Request Proof of Insurance - Choose one of the following:

Evidence of Property Insurance

(proof of coverage for owned, leased, borrowed, or rented property or equipment)

Certificate of Liability Insurance

(proof of third-party liability coverage, which may include general, auto, excess/umbrella, or workers compensation and employers liability coverages)