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Unmanned Aircraft System Permit

The new Small Unmanned Aircraft System Rules (Part 107), including all pilot and operating rules, became effective August 29, 2016. These rules allow for the expanded use of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems for business purposes!

For a summary of these rules see the FAA Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule PDF.

To help UAS operators ensure compliance and safety, BYU has created a permit to approve UAS operations. The BYU permit mirrors the FAA rules and is required for all UAS operations at BYU property, both indoor and outdoor, by any individual. Additionally, the permit is required for all UAS operations being performed by BYU employees or students, for BYU purposes, at non-BYU property and locations.

As a reminder, hobby or recreational UAS operations are not allowed on BYU property.

For questions regarding this matter, please contact the BYU Risk Management, Safety, and Compliance Department @ 801-422-4468.

Download and follow the instructions on the most applicable form below: