Risk Tip

BYU's Culture of Safety

Safety management is part of everyone’s job at BYU. Whether you are a supervisor or you are being supervised, safety management is part of your job duties. BYU has 6 "pillars" of safety. If you are working on each one of these, then you are on the right track in managing safety.  If you would like assistance in any of these areas please contact the BYU Safety Manager at 801-422-4896.


BYU's Culture of Safety: leadership & employee involvement, training, policy & procedure, hazard identification & control, measure & evaluate, safety incident management. 

Leadership & Employee Involvement

  • Leaders, managers, and employee’s need to work together to manage safety.


  • Each employee should be trained as a new hire, task trained, weekly training, monthly training, and annually. It does not have to be a big training every time, but constant reminders are helpful.

Policy and Procedure

  • BYU has campus wide safety policies that apply to all departments.  Ensure that any additional department specific procedures and policies are documented and employees have been trained.

Hazard Identification & Control

  • Work sites should be constantly evaluated for safety hazards. Safety controls need to be put into place once those hazards have been found.

Measure & Evaluate

  • Looking at trends and statistics will help in figuring out where time and effort needs to be focused.

Safety Incident Management

  • Having protocol in place will help in managing minor and major incidents.