Risk Tip

Safe Winter Walking at BYU

Students walking in the snow to a building.When the going gets slippery, walk like a penguin.


As winter snow and ice cover our sidewalks and roads, it is important to remember to walk safely!  Falls due to ice and snow are among the most common and sometimes severe injuries on our campus.   BE SAFE and always BE AWARE!

Anticipate slippery and hidden surfaces:  ice patches and painted surfaces covered with snow, and thin “black ice.”  Stop and scan for hazards.

Wear proper footwear that will place the entire foot on the surface and which has visible treads.  Wear gloves so you don’t have to put your hands in your pockets, allowing better balance.

Allow extra time, don’t rush, and use handrails.

Relax if you fall, and try to avoid landing on your knees, wrists or spine.  If you need immediate medical attention, call 911

Expect that vehicles (especially trucks and snowplows) may not see you and may have trouble stopping.  Listen for and avoid traffic.  


>> If you see an icy or snowy areacall grounds at 801-422-5510 <<

A cougar can walk on all 4’s (even though COSMO usually doesn’t).  But for us, walk like a penguin!

 1. Walk flat footed and take short steps.  2. Wear footwear that provides traction.  3. Step down, not out from curbs.  4. Use your arms for balance.  5. Carry only what you can.