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Hot Work Permit

Permit Issued By:
Email Address:
Phone Number
Permit Issued To:
Date of Work: --
Location of Work:
Time Work to be Started: :
Time Work to be Finished: :
Nature of Work:


Required: If you cannot check each of the following boxes, please contact Risk Management before beginning hot work.
1. I have reviewed the Hot Work Decision Tree, and there is no acceptable alternative to hot work.
2. Flammable liquids and combustibles within 35 feet of the hot work have been removed, or non-combustible shields/covers are provided?
3. Floor and wall openings, if present, are covered and protected.
4. Tools and equipment are in safe working condition, with guards and safety devices in place.
5. The correct type and size of fire extiguisher is at the hot work site.
6. Fire sprinkler protection, if installed, is operational.
7. I have reviewed the "Fire Watch Decision Tree", and determined if a fire watch person is required.
8. I have read, understand, and will comply with the requirements of the hot work permit.

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- file a copy of this permit with Risk Management.

Note - If you cannot submit this permit electronically, please call Risk Managment at 422-4468, and provide the information requested above.