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The following is a list of safety equipment necessary for the job you selected. If this list does not suit the job you are performing, please create a new plan using the PPE wizard found on the left menu.

Job Description:  Date Submitted: 2004-11-08
Operating bench grinder, lathe, milling machine, and other stationary metal working equipment.
Safety Risk  Safety Equipment Needed
Eyes: Flying particles or debrisSafety goggles or safety glasses having side shields
Hands: Lacerating objectsLeather work gloves

Supervisors must train their workers to understand the following:
  • What Person Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary
  • When the PPE is to be used
  • How to put on, take off, or otherwise adjust the PPE
  • Any limitations of the PPE
  • How long the PPE will last (useful life)
  • How to properly care for, maintain, replace and dispose of the PPE