Event Approval Process

Risk Management reviews events to mitigate risk for Brigham Young University and may issue requirements specific to your event. Please follow the requirements specific to your event. Risk Management reserves the right to interpret, revise, amend or withdraw these requirements at its discretion. For a comprehensive list of all university policies and procedures, please refer to the University Policies website.

Risk Management requires two weeks to process the request. Some events may take longer to process depending on the event details.

What does Risk Management need to approve?
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Is the location of the event an area
your department schedules?
Click here to fill out the
Event Approval
Request Form
Contact Campus Scheduling
at 801-422-3134 or
scheduling@byu.edu to continue the approval process
Risk Management evaluates the event for
general risk, insurance, and liability &
sends the event organizer an approval with
conditions or a denial of the request
Did Risk Management require
a waiver for the event?

Return all original, signed
waivers to 250 FB

call 801-422-4468 or
Do you have a contract/agreement with a non-BYU entity for the event?
 Note: as a word of caution, a verbal contract may carry the same weight as a written contract.
Send the
contract/agreement to
before signing it
call 801-422-4468 or
If you are using an off-campus vendor,
click here to check the Approved Vendor List.
Is your vendor currently approved?
call 801-422-6886 or
Review the information at the top of the
Approved Off-Campus Vendor List and follow
the steps outlined for your vendor type