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Working From Home

Recommendations to help you create a safe home work environment

Use your best judgement as you create a safe home work environment.

For any questions contact Risk Management and Safety: 801-422-4468.


  • Floors are clear and free of hazards?
  • Work area is reasonably quiet and free of distractions?
  • File drawers are not top-heavy?
  • Phone lines and electrical cords are secured under a desk on the along wall, and away from heat sources? Temperature, ventilation and lighting are adequate?
  • First aid supplies are readily available?

Fire Safety

  • Walkways, aisles and doorways are unobstructed?
  • Working smoke detector covering the designated work space?
  • Charged, accessible fire extinguisher in area?
  • More than one exit from work area?
  • Work space is kept free of trash, clutter and flammable liquids?
  • Are all radiators and portable heaters located away from flammable items?

Electrical Safety

  • Computer equipment is connected to a surge protector?
  • Electrical system is adequate for office equipment?
  • All electrical plugs, cords, outlets and panels in good condition? No exposed/damaged wiring?
  • Extension cords and power strips not daisy chained and no permanent extension cord in use?
  • Electrical cords run in non-traffic areas, do not run under rugs, and are not nailed or stapled in place? Equipment turned off when not in use?
  • Electrical outlets are grounded with three-pronged plugs?

Workstation Ergonomics

  • Office furniture and equipment ergonomically correct?
  • Do your feet reach the floor when seated or fully supported by a footrest?
  • Do you have adequate lighting at the workstation?
  • For additional ergonomic recommendations, please refer to BYU's ergonomics program.

Other Safety Measures

  • Files and data are secure? Utilize BYU approved systems/programs i.e
  • Materials and equipment are in a secure place that can be protected from damage or misuse?
  • Is there an exit that allows prompt exiting?
  • Do you have an inventory of all equipment in the office including serial numbers when possible?
  • Report any work-related injuries that arise out of the course of your employment to your supervisor immediately. All supervisors must report within 24 hours all work-related injuries through the Risk Management and Safety website.