Workers’ Compensation Information Reference

Obtaining Care

Employees who are injured in a work related incident should not seek care from their primary physician or start their own treatment plan. They must seek care at one of the following preferred provider locations depending on the time and day of the incident.

All employees should seek treatment first at the BYU SHC Urgent Care. If the SHC is closed, use one of the Urgent Cares from the list (or the nearest Urgent Care facility).

BYU Student Health Center Urgent Care

Address: 1750 Wymount Terrace
Provo, Utah 84602
Phone: 801-422-5128
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday 8:00am – 12 noon

Blue Rock Urgent Care

Address: 3152 N University Ave, Suite 120
Provo, Utah 84604
Phone: 801-375-2177
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00am – 10:00pm

Revere Health Urgent Care

Address: 1055 N 500 W, Suite 212
Provo, Utah 84604
Phone: 801-812-5033
Hours: Sunday – Saturday 8:00am – 8:00pm

IHC Provo InstaCare

Address: 1134 N 500 W, Suite 102
Provo, Utah 84604
Phone: 801-357-1770
Hours: Sunday – Saturday 9:00am – 9:00pm

Riverwoods Health Urgent Care

Address: 280 W. River Park Dr., Ste 120
Provo, Utah 84604
Phone: 801-229-2011
Hours: Sunday-Saturday 10:00am-10:00pm

Only in the case of a serious or life threating situation or when the other Urgent Care facilities are closed, an employee should receive care at an Emergency Room.

Utah Valley Hospital

1034 N. 500 W. Provo, UT 84604

Timpanogos Regional Medical Center

750 West 800 North; Orem, Utah

Mountain View Hospital

1000 East 100 North; Payson, Utah

Orem Community Hospital

331 North 400 West; Orem, Utah

After the Employee Has Received Care

The supervisor must fill out the Supervisor’s Incident Report within 24 hours of the incident. This form is found on the Risk Management website.

At the ER

If an employee is at the ER, the following must occur:

A full-time supervisor of the same gender as the injured employee must be present and stay until:

  1. A family member, roommate, or friend (or another co-worker) has arrived to take your place
  2. You know if the employee will be admitted to the Hospital OR will be discharged.

Admitted to the Hospital

If the employee will be admitted to the hospital, you must contact University Dispatch at 801-422-2222 and let them know that an employee will be admitted to the hospital due to a work related incident. Please provide the following:

After you have made this call AND someone has arrived to take your place, you can leave the ER.

Being Discharged from the ER

If the employee will be discharged without any further complications and there is someone to take the employee home, you can leave the ER. If the employee needs a ride home, it is appropriate to take the employee home in a University Vehicle.

If the employee will be discharged and has one of the following, you must contact University Dispatch at 801-422-2222 and let them know.

Transporting an Employee

If an employee needs assistance to get to a medical facility for treatment:

The supervisor or individual assisting the employee must use a University vehicle to transport the employee to the medical facility. Dining Services has University vehicles that a supervisor may use to transport the employee. An ambulance should only be used when there is a serious or life-threating situation or the decision was made by another medical provider, the EMTs, the University Police, or Risk Management.

When transporting, two individuals of the opposite gender cannot be alone. A third individual must be present.