BYU General Insurance Claims (non Workers’ Comp.) FAQ For Departments:

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Auto Accidents
Automobile Insurance
Automobile Insurance, Mexican
Certificates of Insurance
Field Trip Insurance
Rental Vehicles
Travel Insurance


How is BYU-owned property covered?
  BYU covers all of its property while it is anywhere in the world. This includes BYU property shipped without shipping insurance. However, if a piece of property worth $100,000. or more is to be taken out of the country or shipped, RM&S should be notified beforehand.
How does my Department make a claim to pay for property losses?
  If the loss is over $100., fill out the BYU PROPERTY-LOSS CLAIM FORM and submit it to the Risk Management & Safety Claims Manager for consideration. Keep in mind that not all losses are covered. Coverage is based on a standard, commercial property-insurance policy.
I submitted a claim to RM&S but I have not heard anything further.
  If you haven’t received follow-up information on your claim, call 422-2797. If you don’t have your actual claim number, it helps to have the occurrence date, you put down on the claim form, to help track your claim. Also, have you followed the instructions on the claim form by sending the invoice or receipt (or a repair bill if repairable) of the new property purchased to replace the lost property?
Does my Department have to replace the lost property before it can be reimbursed?
  Yes. Before money can be paid, your Department must document that the money was used to replace the lost property and not applied to other budget areas. If your Department will not replace the property unless it’s sure insurance will cover it, check with the Claims Manager for coverage beforehand.
Can we submit proof of replacement with a Purchase Order or a Purchase Requisition, Delivery Receipt, or an internet Order Confirmation?
  No. It has to be a Receipt or Invoice. In the case of a repair, a repair estimate or repair bill is acceptable.
Can I really ship property through BYU mail services without shipping insurance?
  Yes, if it’s not your own personal property or a shipment for personal reasons. BYU self-insures its shipments. If your Department is shipping something of an unusually high value or risk, contact BYU RM&S beforehand. This does not prevent a Department from buying insurance for a shipment should it wish to do so.
How does our Department get paid?
  RM&S will credit the People Soft account number you give us on the claim form. If you didn’t include this number on the claim form, please follow up with it as soon as you know what it is. This is a common oversight and will delay payment of your claim.
Do we have to provide the BYU inventory-tag numbers on the property?
  Only if they have them. University capital equipment should have a tag. Capital equipment must cost greater than or equal to $5,000 and be moveable, with a useful life of one or more years. Equipment acquired under sponsored contracts and designated per contract/grant should also have a tag number. You can call the Asset Management Office at ext. 2-6106 with inventory (tag) number questions.

Field Trip Insurance

What about field trip insurance?
  Field Trip Insurance is required for all departments. The insurance covers BYU-enrolled students when they are participating in a field trip. A field trip is defined as an academic or education-related field event or activity that is scheduled, sponsored, and supervised by BYU for the benefit of the student.

The coverage is $10,000 for Accidental Death & Disability / $10,000 for Accidental Medical Expense (incl. limit of $250 per tooth.) It does not include illnesses. The insurance plan is excess over the participants' primary insurance and the plan would respond to medical expenses that are deemed medically necessary. This insurance is not required for BYU employees working the field trip (see Workers' Compensation).

Field Trip Insurance Request form.


What about injuries?
  For injuries to employees that happen on-the-job, fill out the Workers' Compensation Injury Form.

For injuries to students, guests, tenants, and visitors that you witness or that happen in your Department’s purview, fill out and submit the General Injury Report for Departments for.

This is not a report to make a claim. It is up to the injured party to contact RM&S to make a claim. Most injuries that happen on BYU property or during a BYU activity are NOT covered by BYU. If someone asks about BYU paying their bills, do not promise payment. Recommend that they call RM&S in addition to their own medical insurance.

Auto Accidents

This content is under currently under review. Please call 2-4468 with any questions in the mean-time.

Rental Vehicles

This content is under currently under review. Please call 2-4468 with any questions in the mean-time.

Automobile Insurance For Mexico

New program for use of the Mexican Auto Insurance Policy.
  In the past you have come to the Risk Management and Safety Office to record information concerning your trip and to receive an insurance card to be activated when calling before crossing the border in either direction. This has been a tedious procedure involving time and paperwork initiated from this office to yours.

We now have the capability to register online. You will register your trip, drivers, and vehicle online and then pay for the insurance with a department credit card. When using this program you will need to know, in advance, all of the vehicle information including VIN #, value, make, model, and year.

The following are the steps for this new procedure:
Go to:
Enter username:
Enter password: byuprovo

Go to Vehicles: Please register your vehicle then click on add (Complete all areas) Click on save

Go to Additional Drivers: Each person that will be driving will need to have their information added to this area. The necessary information is first and last name, driver’s license number, and the state in which the driver’s license was issued.

Go to Buy policy!: Fill in coverage starting on and coverage ending on The coverage amount is to be 100,000

After completing your information and giving your credit card information you are to print out the paper and carry with your vehicle at all times while on your trip. Be sure and make a copy of the paper and deliver it to your department administrator over budget procedures. (It is needed for reconciliation for credit card charges). You will no longer have to stop at the border to call the insurance co. All information needed will be on the paperwork you have printed out.

After carefully studying this program we are convinced that it will be more effective and less cumbersome. If the procedure does not work, you can call 1-800-334-7950 for help.

When using this program, do not change the username or password.
It has been standardized for use by several campus departments.


What about lawsuits and civil rights claims etc.?
  If a lawsuit has been filed or a claim is being made against you or your Department for money or other compensation, or a violation of civil rights is alleged, notify RM&S as soon as possible. BYU RM&S will notify BYU General Counsel as needed. All lawsuits are answered through BYU General Counsel.

Certificates of Insurance

  When another entity requires proof of insurance from BYU, make a request for an insurance certificate. Submit your request using the Certificate of Insurance Request form. It is important that this process be started well ahead of time. Typically, the request is for proof of general-liability insurance. Sometimes they will want proof of other types of insurance or additional terms to be put on our certificate. Consult with Risk Management (422-4468) on any special requests.
  When BYU requires proof of insurance from someone else: we use the ConfirmNet system They are our certificate management service and approve incoming certificates. They are regularly used by some BYU departments that deal with large numbers of vendors, contractors, and charters. BYU, at minimum, requires general liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000. Consult with Risk When a company or group want to use campus facilities. They need to provide proof of insurance naming BYU as the certificate holder.
  Some entities wanting to do business or otherwise interact with BYU don’t have insurance. It is possible to purchase the necessary insurance through the Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy program. Visit to view the online tutorial. After reading through the tutorial, they may purchase insurance at Contact BYU Risk Management for the User Access Code to register.

Travel Insurance

  BYU has basic accident insurance for students, staff, faculty, consultants, guests, and spouses who are traveling at the direction and on behalf of BYU and in the course of BYU’s business (includes limited personal deviation and relocations). Other than expatriates, they must be domiciled in the USA. There is coverage for members of the BYU Alumni Association while traveling to and from and participating in activities sponsored by BYU.

The coverage provider is ACE American Insurance Company – policy number ADD N00175675. The coverage is for accidental death/disability (AD&D) with some limited coverage (up to 10K) for medical expenses related to an accident (does not cover illnesses, disease, or infections, with the exception of food-poisoning). Depending on your coverage classification, mode of transportation, or the type of dismemberment, the AD&D coverage is between 250K and 350K for the employee; 100K for spouse; 25K for dependents. In the case of lesser dismemberments, the above coverage can be as low as $62,500.

Included is a travel assistance program for medical and other evacuation emergencies, such as repatriation of remains, through ACE (plan 01AH585) by the multilingual Europ Assistance USA. The information needed to be carried with you when you travel is found in the Forms section of the RM site (Insurance/Forms) labeled: Travel Emergency Card.

All international travelers should use the Kennedy Center International Travel Registry:

For the University's travel rules for employees and undergraduates and other travel info see:

Travel Policy

Undergraduate Travel Policy

University Vehicle Policy

Note: Final coverage approval is determined by ACE, not BYU. This summary is current as of May 15, 2009. Coverages may change without notice. Travelers should check their own medical and life-insurance for additional coverages and services.